Annual Review Process

LA writes to school, health and social care with names of pupils needing review that term. States which reviews will focus on transition and preparation for adulthoodAt least 2 weeks before start of each term
Head teacher / Post-16 lead invites parents and professionals to the review meeting and asks for written advice & also seeks parent & pupil views 
Head teacher / Post 16 Lead circulates reports/information to all invited to the review meetingAt least 2 weeks before review meeting
Review meeting held with parents and child or YP and attendees 
Head Teacher / Post 16 Lead sends review report to LA and meeting attendees with any recommendationsWithin 2 weeks of review meeting
LA reviews EHCP and sends decision to parents / YPWithin 4 weeks of review meeting
If decision is to amend the plan, the LA sends proposed amendments, giving parents / YP 15 calendar days to respond to amendments and to request a particular setting to be named 
LA issues amended plan, or lets parents / YP know if they have decided not to amend the plan after allWithin 8 weeks of sending amendment notice

LA = Local authority

YP = Young person

For children and young people who do not attend a setting, the LA will manage the review and circulate information to all attendees.