The Review Process

Review process

The Annual Review is more than just a meeting, and preparation is key to getting the most out of the process.

Invitations to attend

You and your child/ young person will be invited to the Annual Review meeting and given 2 weeks notice – it is usually held at the educational setting.

Other professionals involved across education, health and care services will also be invited to attend and update information about your child, as part of the review. These reviews should be combined with Social Care reviews where possible.

Seeking views

Ahead of the meeting, you will be asked for your views and those of your child. The school or setting will seek advice and information about your child from all parties invited,  and circulate any information gathered before the meeting. Think about anyone you would like to invite to either attend the review, or to provide updated information about your child.

It is really important you are able to share your views and participate in the review process. Your child’s wishes and feelings must be taken into account during an annual review. Your child or young person might find it difficult to share these – we have some resources and links at the end of this section.