What happens next?

The local authority will then review the paperwork and make one of three decisions:

  • to leave the plan unchanged
  • to amend the plan
  • to cease the plan.

An EHC plan will only cease, for example, where the outcomes have all been achieved, where the young person does not want to continue in further education or training (will cease if a young person goes to University or when they are over the age of 25).

The Local Authority has 4 weeks from the date of the Annual Review meeting to let you know their decision.

If they decide to amend the plan, they should prepare the proposed amendments as soon as possible, although there is no time limit for this.

You will be sent the original plan plus the proposed amendments. You will have 15 calendar days to respond or comment on the amendments and you will also be asked to request a particular school to be named in the plan.  You can request a meeting with your SENDIASS caseworker to discuss the proposed changes.

Within 8 weeks of sending the proposed amendments, the local authority must issue an amended plan, or let you know they have decided not to amend the plan after all.