What is an Annual Review?

The purpose of an EHC plan Annual Review is to ensure that the contents of the EHC plan are still relevant, and are helping your child to make progress towards their aspirations and the outcomes in their plan.

The Annual Review meeting is an opportunity to look closely at the plan and make sure it is helping your child to achieve what they would like to be able to do as they get older.

You will be able to propose any changes you would like to see made to their plan, for example with the support that is provided or with the outcomes themselves.

The SEND Code of Practice says:

“EHC plans should be used to actively monitor children and young people’s progress towards their outcomes and longer term aspirations. They must be reviewed by the local authority as a minimum every 12 months. Reviews must focus on the child or young person’s progress towards achieving the outcomes specified in the EHC plan. The review must also consider whether these outcomes and supporting targets remain appropriate.” (9.166)