After the Hearing

The Tribunal decision will be communicated with you (and the local authority), within 10 working days of the hearing.

Following the decision, the local authority must comply with these timescales:

To start the assessment or re-assessment process – 4 weeks

To make an EHC plan – 5 weeks

To amend the school/college/institution – 2 weeks

To continue an EHC plan – immediately

To cease an EHC plan – immediately

Health and Social Care recommendations

Alhough the tribunal will not be able to make legally binding orders on health and social care, it has been made clear that their recommendations will generally be followed. The responsible health body or social care team must respond in writing to you within 5 weeks of the recommendation being made.

If a decision has been taken not to follow all or part of the recommendations, the health body or social care commissioner must give sufficiently detailed reasons for that decision.


++ Enfield Local Offer /SEN SERVICE

SEND Tribunal service (organisation responsible for handling appeals)

‘How to appeal a SEN decision’ guide (SEND Tribunals)