Finalising the plan

You should receive a final EHC plan within a maximum of 20 weeks of the initial request.

If you disagree with the description of SEN (section B), the provision (section F), or the school or type of school named, you have the right to mediation and/or appealing to the SEND tribunal.

You should contact SEN Services to discuss your concerns – you can email and/or speak to the person who has written to you.

Special Needs Jungle have a flowchart (PDF) explaining what you can do if you disagree with the plan, or with a decision taken by the local authority.

What can I do if the legal timescale has been missed?

The local authority are expected to meet this legal timeframe, however our advice is to speak to them initially.

Ask the SEN Service when you will receive the final plan. If you are unhappy a timescale has not been met you could complain to the local authority and if you are unsatisfied with their response, to the Local Government Ombudsman.

Where an Educational Psychologist or other specialist recommends provision in their report, this could be put in place now ahead of the EHC plan being finalised. There may, however, be instances where a setting will need to discuss help from the local authority to be able to meet the needs.