How do I start my Appeal?

You can lodge an appeal, either within two months of the original decision being sent by the local authority, or within one month of the date of the mediation certificate, whichever is the latest. 

You can send your appeal in the post or by email marking ‘New Appeal’ (the address and email address will be on the form you complete):

Your appeal reasons and supporting evidence can be submitted at this stage, but you can send in further information at a later date. However, check any correspondence from SEND Tribunals carefully as there are strict submission deadlines within this legal process.

Download the SEND Tribunal guide ‘How to appeal a SEN decision

  • Be sure to include the views of the child or young person
  • Organise your appeal so that it will be easy for the panel to read and understand your key points.
  • Use paragraphs with headers and number your points, include a page which lists all your supporting documents (contents or appendices). Send copies of any documents, not the originals.
  • Within your appeal refer to evidence that backs up your points
  • Link your points to relevant law where you are able.
  • It can be helpful to write an opening summary or bullet point your key issues.
  • Remember the panel do not know your child, so make sure you include all their needs but…
  • Be as concise as you can, particularly with background history. Stick to needs that are still relevant.