What if my child with SEN or a disability is being disadvantaged?

Talk to your child’s teacher or the SENCO – it can be helpful to request a meeting.

Ahead of this conversation, have a look at the school’s SEN Information Report. This will include information about how children in the school are enabled to take part in activities, alongside children without SEN.

Start by explaining how you feel your child is missing out or will not be having the same experience as his/her classmates, for example, if you have been asked to accompany them on a school trip.

Find out why or how the school reached their decision. It may be that you have some suggestions for how your child could be supported.

If you still have concerns, you could raise these with the Headteacher, or make a formal complaint to the school and the governing body. The school’s website will have information about their complaints procedure.

If your child has an Education, Health and Care plan, do your think the support needs to be reviewed? This can be discussed at your child’s annual review of the EHCP, or you could discuss the possibility of an emergency review with the school and/or the Local Authority.

If you feel your disabled child has been discriminated against you could consider complaining to the SEND Tribunal.

The Outdoor Education Advisory panel have some National guidance for schools when planning trips for children with SEND, which might be useful when preparing your questions and concerns: OEP Educational visits SEND Guide (opens PDF).