Getting the most out of your appointment

Before an appointment, it can be helpful to make notes about your observations and any points you want to raise; it can be difficult to think of examples on the spot, so having bullet-point notes can make sure you get everything across that you want to. Sometimes the setting will be happy to bullet-point their observations for you too.

It is likely you will find it emotional talking about your child’s difficulties or receiving a diagnosis, and you may want to take someone with you – your partner or a close family friend, for example.

Think about whether you would like some time with the health professional without your child present. You can find out in advance whether there is someone available to look after your child in the waiting area for a few minutes. 

You can take notes of key information, though usually you will be sent a letter with details of what was discussed.

Before you leave, check what will happen next and when the professional will write to you.