Individual Healthcare Plans

(Not to be confused with Education, Health and Care or EHC plans!)

You can discuss with school and health professionals if a plan would be appropriate for your child:

  • An individual plan is particularly helpful for children with long term complex health needs.
  • An Individual Healthcare plan will help a setting to effectively plan what your child needs, and can provide reassurance about the support plan i.e. who will do what, and when.
  • You will be able to share your views and those of your child. Let the school know of any changes to your child’s needs so the plan can be amended.
  • This plan can also include your child’s Special Educational Needs (where an EHC plan is not in place).
  • Though school will be responsible for finalising and maintaining the plan, health, social care or other professionals should be involved in the process.
  • The guidance for schools includes a helpful flowchart of what the process should look like.
  • Advice and example templates (Health Conditions in Schools Alliance).