Parent carer needs assessment (children in need)

Parent carer needs assessment

You may request a ‘parent/carer needs assessment’ with the local authority, provided your child is defined as a ‘child in need’ – see previous dropdown.

This assessment must consider:

  • whether you have needs for support and what those needs are
  • your wellbeing (wellbeing is defined in the Care Act 2014)
  • whether it is appropriate for you to provide, or continue to provide, care for your disabled child, in light of your needs for support and other needs and wishes
  • the need to safeguard and promote the welfare of your child, and any other child for whom you have parental responsibility

This may be combined with the assessment carried out for your child.

Read the local authority information ‘meeting the needs’ – see link:

You can find out more about assessments for disabled children and their families by reading the Carers UK factsheet (pages 17-22)

Contact also have a template letter for making a request in writing.

The legal duty is contained within:

Section 97 of the Children & families Act 2014

Section 17D of the Children Act 1989