Preparing for Adulthood

For children and young people in or beyond Year 9 with EHC plans, local authorities have a legal duty to include provision to assist in preparing for adulthood in the EHC plan review. (SEND Code of Practice 2015: 1.40)

This means that from year 9 onwards, Annual Reviews of an EHC plan need to consider wider support needs; for example, preparation for employment and independent living.

Packages of support across 5 days:

The SEND Code of Practice 2015 says:

Where young people have EHC plans, local authorities should consider the need to provide a full package of provision and support across education, health and care that covers five days a week, where that is appropriate to meet the young person’s needs. (8.39)

It can also include health and care related activities such as physiotherapy. Full-time packages of provision and support set out in the EHC plan should include any time young people need to access support for their health and social care needs. (8.40)