Preparation for adulthood guide

The transition team at the Local Authority will first complete an assessment with the young person and their family, which will determine whether they have social care needs, and whether they meet the local council’s eligibility criteria to receive support. Find out more about the assessment process through People First.

If the young person is eligible for support following the assessment, the transition team will work with them to try to achieve positive outcomes in up to four different areas: health, employment, community inclusion (getting out and about and having the chance for an active social life) and independent living.

The young person may be supported to achieve these outcomes in different ways, including through provision of the following types of support:

  • accommodation
  • day opportunities
  • employment pathways
  • further educational support
  • respite and other support for the young person’s family or others who help to look after the young person
  • benefits or financial support
  • equipment
  • signposting – information about other services which might be useful
  • re-ablement – support to become more independent 

The transition team can continue to work with the young person up until they reach the age of 25, or sometimes longer, but will end their involvement earlier if the young person’s care arrangements are settled.